Surface cleaning station

The detail cleaning module from the UNI-CLEAN series supports the process of surface preparation before painting. Its main purpose is to remove small impurities that settle on the details just before applying layers of varnish.

The cleaning module is placed on the loading conveyor and is activated only when the details are loaded into the painting device. This is to minimize the consumption of media needed for the operation of the cleaning module.

What makes the UNI-CLEAN PLUS surface cleaning station unique?

Thanks to the UNI-CLEAN series detail cleaning module, it is possible to effectively prepare the detail surfaces for the painting process, which translates into higher quality and durability of the finish. The device is additionally equipped with a brush for mechanical cleaning of details.

Painting line solutions

Detail cleaning stations are configured with robots and painting machines, and these with dryers. This is how a painting line is created.

system odmuchu

Blow off

The UNI-CLEAN PLUS cleaning station is equipped with rotating blowing heads that enable gentle removal of dirt from the surface of the details.

szczotka do czyszczenia detali


The use of a roller brush allows you to remove dirt from painted elements to prevent possible inclusions.

Surface cleaning station UNI-CLEAN PLUS

  • The UNI-CLEAN series detail cleaning module supports cleaning of the detail surfaces
    from small impurities settling on their surfaces before the application of varnish materials
  • Possibility to choose from several variants of the UNI-CLEAN module
    depending on the conditions surrounding the painting device and the quality requirements for surface preparation before painting
  • Cleaning module installed on the loading conveyor
  • The cleaning module is activated only when loading parts into the painting device to reduce the consumption of media supplying the cleaning module.



  • section: BLOWING contains rotating blowing heads enabling contactless removal of contaminants from the surface of details
  • section: DEIONIZATION with deionizing strips allows you to reduce electrostatic charges on the surfaces of elements
  • section:  BRUSH supports the mechanical removal of dirt from the surface of horizontal details, and the automatic setting of the height of the brush over the elements and the regulation of the brush rotation from the operator panel of the painting device allows for the selection of optimal parameters of its operation

Technical information

Technical datasheet

Working width of the detail cleaning module1.350 [mm]
Section: BLOWING
Stub pipe dimension3 pc. x fi 100 [mm]
Number of dionizing strips2 [pc.]
Section: BRUSH
Brush materialNatural fiber
Brush stub pipe dimension1 pc. x fi 200 [mm]
Minimum efficiency of the dust extraction system *5.000 [m3/h]
Required air flow speed in the dust extraction system*min. 30 [m/s]
* connecting individual sections of the UNI-CLEAN module to an external extraction station or a central systemdust removal unit and ensuring the required flow and efficiency parameters of the exhaust air are provided by the Ordering Party


Other devices available on offer

mała stacja oczyszczania detali


The task of the mini UNI-CLEAN cleaning station is to remove the smallest dirt from the surface of the painting elements to prepare them for applying varnish. The cleaning station is placed on the loading conveyor in front of the robot or painting machine.

transporter taśma gładka

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors function as loading, intermediate, unloading and timing conveyors. They are available in various lengths and can be easily configured with a painting robot or dryer.

transporter rolkowy

Roller conveyors

A roller conveyor is one of the options for linear conveyors used to move elements between different devices or stations.

transporter łańcuchowy wewnątrz urządzenia

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are designed to transport coffins or intermediate elements such as trays on which details intended for the painting process are attached.

stanowisko obróbki ręcznej

Manual processing stations

The UNISON portfolio offers stations for the manual processing of coffins. After consulting with the Customer, our team of experts selects the appropriate parameters for the stands.

sprzęt lakierniczy do zainstalowania w robocie

Finishing equipment

At UNISON, we supply various types of painting equipment. Our assortment includes various products, from automatic paint guns to paint kitchen equipment.

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