Finishing robots for painting furniture fronts

UNISON’s portfolio includes many solutions for painting furniture fronts. We have finishing equipment ideal for the furniture industry for painting furniture fronts.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed painting solutions that will increase efficiency while reducing costs in your production area!
Our advanced technology of automatic painting of furniture fronts not only guarantees a perfect finish of the surface but also shortens production time and minimizes the consumption of materials.

Important information

Our offer includes three painting robots for furniture fronts finishing. Painting robots are available in three variants: a continuous one with a paint recovery function, a continuous one equipped with paper for easy cleaning of the conveyor belt, and a painting robot equipped with a table with a turntable covered with paper.

Added value for your company

Our painting equipment ensures repeatability of the process, even better quality of painted elements, and savings in painting materials (including varnishes and stains). Thanks to our proprietary software, UNISON painting robots are also very easy to use.

UNISON​ solutions

Our offer includes other finishing devices intended for the furniture front industry. Each of them can be configured to create a painting line.

Finishing solutions for furniture fronts

robot lakierniczy z odzyskiem lakieru


The painting robot is designed to work in a pass-through system and is equipped with a system, which makes it possible to recover excess paint deposited on the conveyor belts during painting.

robot lakierniczy z papierem poprzecznie


The painting robot is designed for continuous operation and the main conveyor is covered with paper with a vacuum holding function, thanks to which maximum cleanliness of the left side of the painted details is maintained.

robot lakierniczy z obrotnicą bokiem


Robot lakierniczy wyposażony jest w stoły z obrotnicą, co skraca czas załadunku i wyładunku detali. Stoły robocze pokryte są papierem, dzięki czemu możliwe jest zachowanie maksymalnej czystości dolnej strony malowanych detali.

linia lakiernicza do frontów meblowych

Painting line for furniture fronts

A painting line may consist of a painting robot, a painting machine, a dryer, conveyors and additional equipment.

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