Innovative solutions for automated surface finishing

UNISON is a Polish manufacturer of spray coating machines such as finishing machines and robots. For over 20 years, we have been ensuring high quality and efficiency of painting processes, helping our clients achieve a perfect finish through automation of painting processes. Let us be the reason for your success – discover advanced painting solutions for your company with our finishing equipment.

robots and machines for automated surface painting

UNISON – Your partner for finishing solutions!

We are a leader manufacturer of automatic spraying machines, painting lines and finishing equipment. Our company offers comprehensive solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

UNISON finishing equipment is a combination of advanced technology and precision of workmanship. Our automated surface finishing machines are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Using our painting solutions, it is possible to achieve excellent finishing surface quality while ensuring optimal performance and minimal material consumption.

automat lakierniczy z papierem

Robots and oscillating machines for different industries

Robots and oscillating machines are used in various industries, so at UNISON we have solutions tailored to your needs. We offer automatic spraying machines for furniture fronts, furniture elements, doors, coffins and plastics. Our painting equipment is also used for finishing plates and countertops.

Comprehensive painting lines of a Polish manufacturer

UNISON finishing lines are a comprehensive solution that covers all stages of the finishing process – surface preparation (blowing dust from elements), applying paint and varnishes, drying and hardening. Thanks to our expertise and understanding of industry requirements, we design and implement painting lines that are optimized for efficiency, quality and compliance with environmental standards. Our painting lines are individually configured, allowing for adaptation to the needs of our customers.


We are proud to have our own advanced finishing laboratory, equipped with spray coating machines – a painting robot, and an oscillating machine, where we thoroughly test and improve painting processes for the needs of our customers. Our lab is the heart of our innovation and allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality and efficiency when using our painting equipment.

In our laboratory, we conduct painting shows, during which customers can see with their own eyes how our painting robots work.

operator przy panelu operatorskim
Producent robotów lakierniczych

Download a catalog

Our company offers a wide range of automatic painting solutions. We offer, among others: painting robots, painting machines, oscillating machines and dryers, as well as entire, individually configured painting lines. Download our catalog and check out the solutions we offer!

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UNISON training

Training in the operation of painting machines is an important element getting to know how to use our finishing machines. These training courses are intended for operators, technicians and other employees who will work with painting machines and other equipment related to the painting process.

During training in the operation of painting machines, participants gain knowledge and skills related to the safe and effective use of UNISON painting machines.

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