Painting machines for coffins

Painting robots ideal for the funeral industry for finishing coffins.

UNISON painting robots are perfect for painting coffins. Our portfolio includes advanced solutions that will help optimize the finishing process in your production plant. Our offer includes three painting robots for coffins: a version with a turntable, a version adapted for pass-through work with a loading zone located transversely, and a painting robot with a pass-through function with a loading zone along the painting zone.

Important information

Thanks to the innovative solutions used in painting robots, it is possible to paint the lid of the coffin and the bottom of the coffin in one loading to obtain the same color on the entire set.


Added value for your company

Using painting robots for coffins shortens the time of the finishing process, saves painting materials and makes the process fully repeatable.

UNISON​ solutions

Our offer includes other finishing equipment intended for painting coffins. Each of them can be configured to create a painting line.

Finishing coffins solutions

robot lakierniczy do trumien wyposażony w obrotnicę


The painting robot is equipped with a table with a turntable, which makes it possible to unload a painted coffin and load an unvarnished one, while simultaneously painting the coffin located in the painting zone.

robot lakierniczy z do trumien bokiem


The painting robot is designed for continuous operation with the longitudinal direction of loading coffins. It is equipped with chain conveyors and a scissor lift, which allows coffins to be painted at their full height. The painting device also has a coffin positioning system.

robot lakierniczy do trumien wzdłużny załadunek bokiem


The painting robot is designed for continuous operation with a transverse loading direction for coffins. It is equipped with chain conveyors adapted to transport coffins. Thanks to the use of a hydraulic lift, it is possible to paint coffins over their entire height.

linia lakiernicza do trumien

Painting line for coffins

The coffin painting line consists of a  painting robot, a dryer, conveyors, and additional elements (e.g. a grinder).

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