UNISON painting lines

Our company specializes in providing finishing lines consisting of high-quality painting machines and finishing robots that enable our customers to achieve excellent coating results in an effective and efficient manner. Our painting lines consist of several elements, such as: advanced painting robots or painting machines, intermediate conveyors and modern dryers. This combination of advanced technology and engineering makes our automatic painting equipment not only effective, but also flexible and adaptable to the individual needs of each customer.

Installing a painting line in a production plant brings many benefits. First of all, automatic coating allows you to significantly save time that was previously needed for manual painting. Thanks to the precision and efficiency of our devices, the finishing process is much faster and more effective.

In addition to saving time, our painting lines contribute to reducing the consumption of painting materials. Thanks to the precise application of paints by automatic machines and painting robots, the amount of materials needed to varnish a given batch of details is minimized, which has a positive impact on the economy and the environment.

robot lakierniczy z transporterem głównym pokrytym papierem

Painting lines for different industries

linia lakiernicza do frontów meblowych

Painting line for furniture fronts

A painting line may consist of a painting robot, a painting machine, a dryer, conveyors and additional equipment.

linia lakiernicza do elementów meblowych

Painting line for furniture elements

Robots or automatic painting machines in the version with paint recovery or with a main conveyor covered with paper and a dryer are perfect for creating a painting line for furniture elements.

linia lakiernicza do trumien

Painting line for coffins

The coffin painting line consists of a  painting robot, a dryer, conveyors, and additional elements (e.g. a grinder).

linia lakiernicza do tworzyw sztucznych

Painting line for plastics

The painting line dedicated to the plastic industry is a combination of various UNISON devices, such as painting robots or automatic machines and dryers. Installing an automatic painting line in the production area shortens the time of the painting process.

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