Roller conveyors

The roller conveyor helps to effectively move elements between individual devices or stations during the painting process. This type of conveyor perfectly integrates with modern technologies, such as painting robots or painting machines, enabling a smooth and precise transport of details throughout the painting process.

What is characteristic about roller conveyors?

Roller conveyors allow to move varnished elements at different heights and at different angles, which allows you to set up the painting line in various configurations (e.g. in a rectangular shape).

Painting line solutions

Roller conveyors are an ideal solution for transporting painted elements. The conveyors are fully configurable with other UNISON finishing equipment, such as painting robots, oscillating machines and dryers.

transporter rolkowy bok lewy

Easy and safe transport

The use of roller conveyors ensures the movement of elements between individual painting devices. This allows you to eliminate people’s interference in the finishing process.

Roller conveyors

  • Thanks to the use of roller conveyors, the painting process becomes more effective
  • The roller conveyor is characterized by simplicity of design
  • The drive of this type of conveyor, based on rollers, enables smooth movement of details, adapted to various sizes and weights of elements passing through the system
  • The use of a roller conveyor helps to improve the efficiency of the production process

Technical specification

Possible configuration

  • The conveyor can be mounted in front of the painting device and acts as a loading conveyor
  • The conveyor may be located in the painting area
  • It is possible to place a belt conveyor between the robot or varnishing machine and the dryer
suszarnia półkowa i automat lakierniczy

Additional options

  • It is possible to manually start the feed using a foot switch, which allows the operator to have full control over the process of receiving and unloading painted details
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Other finishing devices available on offer

mała stacja oczyszczania detali


The task of the mini UNI-CLEAN cleaning station is to remove the smallest dirt from the surface of the painting elements to prepare them for applying varnish. The cleaning station is placed on the loading conveyor in front of the robot or painting machine.

stacja oczyszczania detali UNI CLEAN PLUS


The UNI-CLEAN PLUS detail cleaning module is responsible for preparing the surface of the details for painting, which results in an even higher finishing quality. The module is equipped with a blower and a brush for cleaning surfaces from dirt.

szczotki w szlifierce do trumien

UNI-GRIND grinding robot model T/C

The grinding robot is the latest UNISON solution for grinding and processing coffins. Its use helps automate the entire production process.

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Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors function as loading, intermediate, unloading and timing conveyors. They are available in various lengths and can be easily configured with a painting robot or dryer.

transporter łańcuchowy wewnątrz urządzenia

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are designed to transport coffins or intermediate elements such as trays on which details intended for the painting process are attached.

stanowisko obróbki ręcznej

Manual processing stations

The UNISON portfolio offers stations for the manual processing of coffins. After consulting with the Customer, our team of experts selects the appropriate parameters for the stands.

sprzęt lakierniczy do zainstalowania w robocie

Finishing equipment

At UNISON, we supply various types of painting equipment. Our assortment includes various products, from automatic paint guns to paint kitchen equipment.

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