Painting solutions for doors

Our painting robots and automatic machines are the perfect solution for door painting. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have created innovative finishing solutions that will improve the painting process in your production facility! That’s why our advanced automatic door painting technology guarantees a perfect finishing and our intuitive software makes our devices extremely easy to use.

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Our offer includes three painting robots for door surface finishing, with a painting head adapted to mount up to five paint guns and two oscillating automatic machines, on the head of which up to four paint guns can be mounted.

Our finishing solutions are added value for your processes

UNISON painting solutions contribute to even better painting quality and save time and painting materials.


UNISON solutions are more that just painting robots and automated machines

Our offer includes other finishing devices intended for door painting. Each of them can be configured to create a fully automated painting line.

Automated door painting solutions

robot lakierniczy do drzwi bokiem


A painting robot equipped with a turntable, that shortens the process of loading and unloading details. The painting device is also equipped with a converter that allows painting the door leaf on both sides during one loading into the painting area.

robot lakierniczy z papierem poprzecznie


The painting robot is designed for continuous operation and the main conveyor is covered with paper with a vacuum holding function, thanks to which maximum cleanliness of the left side of the painted details is maintained.

robot lakierniczy z odzyskiem lakieru


The painting robot is designed to work in a pass-through system and is equipped with a system, which makes it possible to recover excess paint deposited on the conveyor belts during painting.

urządzenia lakiernicze bok

UNI-ONE L/P model

The oscillating machine is designed for continuous operation. The conveyor in the painting zone is covered with paper, thanks to which the left side of the painted details remains clean and the cleaning of the machine is very efficient. The machine allows painting elements with a maximum width of up to 1350 mm.

automat lakierniczy UNI ONE model LR poprzecznie

UNI-ONE L/R model

The oscillating automatic machine adapted for continuous operation is equipped with a varnish recovery system, thanks to which it is possible to recover excess varnish deposited on the conveyor belts during varnishing. The machine allows painting elements with a maximum width of up to 1350 mm.

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