UNI-SLIM oscillating machines

  • The painting machine features very high performance and extremely simple operation;
  • The machine is designed for throughput operations;
  • The painting machine enables oscillating operation of the paint head; it is also equipped with automatic paint guns;
  • Painting head allows for installation of up to 4 automatic paint guns;
  • The number of installed spray guns and their operating parameters depend on a specific painting processes;
  • Automatic spray guns apply the paint material accurately over painted elements with carefully defined and pre-set parameters; due to it they minimize loss of paint material, reduce time of the painting process and filter fatigue;
  • 2D scanner automatically recognizes position, width, and length of painted elements; it is integrated with varnish automatic controller;
  • Painting head speed can be up to 80 m/min;
  • A glazed spray booth with an air filtration system and upper lighting allows for ongoing control of a painting process;
  • Compact design of the paint machine along with accessories and equipment minimizes amount of space required for installation of the machine and current operations;
  • The operator's touch screen ensures fast, simple and intuitive operation of the painting machine;
  • Size of the operator screen allows to view all necessary information and parameters related to the current operation;
  • Operational margins of paint spray guns can be pre-set from the control panel to achieve an optimal quality of painting edges and surfaces of the components;
  • Any number of work-pieces may be placed on the conveyor;
  • Pre-defined paint programs that determine speed of the spray head and feed rate of the conveyors can be saved and then selected;
  • The operator's panel is located close to the loading area;
  • PLC ensures efficient and trouble-free operation of the machine;
  • Its operations do not require any special painting expertise and/or programming;
  • Optimally selected number of operating personnel depending on equipment operational intensity (1-2 persons), significantly reduces employment costs;
  • Service position of the painting head enables ongoing operation of the painting equipment;
  • Online service is available in case the painting machine is connected to the Internet.
  • The painting machine is designed for application of various types of lacquering materials such as water-based, nitro, spirit, solvent-based, polyurethane, polyester, acrylic and water-based UV paints and varnishes;
  • Paint materials can be applied as part of low and/or high pressure technology;
  • Up to 4 paint circuits without paint circulation or up to 2 paint circuits with it can be installed;
  • Number of painting circuits is selected optimally for a specific painting processes and painting materials;
  • Paint material can be applied in different directions in relation to painted elements (e.g. "forward" or "back" painting);
  • So-called fast colour change systems and small low-pressure tanks can be installed at a short distance from the guns in order to save time for changing colour or type of lacquer and minimize loss of lacquer materials during such changes;
  • Systems for mixing individual paint components (2K and 3K) can be integrated in order to select mode of operation from the operator's desktop;
  • Liquid adhesives can be applied to glue finish-type film on membrane presses.
  • Electric switchgear and control cabinet are integrated in the painting machine;
  • Space around the machine and the work area is optimised;
  • No additional connection cables or cable trays or routes between the paint machine and the control cabinet are required;
  • Risk of mechanical damage to the electrical and control systems is minimised by the machine operator.

Supply air and filtration system

  • Fixed-capacity blower fan is switched on from the touch screen operator panel;
  • Ceiling filtration and blowing system is applied;
  • A dual-stage supply air filtration system is provided by means of a synthetic non-woven and glass fibre filter;
  • Filtration system is integrated with the interior lighting of the painting machine.

Exhaust air and filtration system

  • Variable-capacity exhaust fan is adjusted from the touch control panel;
  • Filtration system operates as part of a dry filtration system;
  • A dual-stage exhaust air filtration system is carried out through a folding cardboard open-cell Andreae filter and a PaintStop fiberglass filter;
  • Exhaust filters are located on both sides of the main conveyor;
  • A drawer system is applied for the purpose of quick and easy dimensioning of the extraction filters.

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