• The painting machine is designed for throughput operations;
  • Main conveyor including its paper cover and vacuum paper retainer keeps the left side of painted parts as clean as possible and facilitates disposal of paint waste;
  • Loading/input clocking conveyor is equipped with smooth belt coverage;
  • Outfeed conveyor is equipped with grooved belt coating;
  • Paper tensioning system is installed on the platen along with paper roller drive;
  • 2D scanner automatically recognizes position, width, and length of painted elements; it is integrated with varnish automatic controller;
  • The cover located in the loading and unloading area automatically closes and opens to ensure maximum cleanliness in the lacquering area.

Preferred for the industry:

Electrical connection3 x 400 VAC / 50 Hz
Supply power17,85 kW
Supply fan power2 x 0,75 kW
Max. supply fan capacity11.800 m³/h
Exhaust fan power3 kW
Max. extraction fan capacity10.000 m³/h
Compressed air pressure6 bar
Compressed air consumption-
Weight6.120 kg
Maximum dimensions of coated elements
[L x W x H]
2.800 x 1100 x 350 mm
Weight of coated elementsup to 100 kg
Approximate painting time of working area
(depending on preset painting parameters)
1,5 - 3 min
Loading time of elements into the working area:up to 10m/min
  • Clocked or continuous modes are available;
  • Any number of work-pieces may be placed on the conveyor;
  • Edges of the elements may be painted once or several times; surfaces may be cross-varnished to obtain the best results;
  • Appropriate painting programs - previously defined for e.g. rectangular elements, elements with so-called "hidden handles", milled elements, solids, and spatial elements - may be saved and then selected;
  • Automatic or manual paper rolling modes are available;
  • Exhaust filters are located on both sides of the main conveyor within the drawers to facilitate their quick and easy replacement;
  • Preferred number of operators shall be 2 persons (operator and assistant).
  • Follow-up operation mode (the paint head moves along with the moving parts to be varnished while the main conveyor is running) is available;
  • Additional set of trolleys enables quick paper change;
  • Replaceable holder is provided for fixing a second set of paint spray guns;
  • System of interchangeable low-pressure tanks is installed near the spray guns;
  • Automatic paint spray gun cleaning system is applied;
  • Painting equipment (e.g. automatic paint guns, low and high pressure pumps, pressure tanks, etc.) is also applied.
  • The control panel is installed on the left or right side of the loading zone on the paint machine;
  • Number of paint circuits for painting short and long batches is configurable;
  • The exhaust fan may be located in various positions depending on the amount of space available to the painting machine;
  • It can be installed in line with the tray dryer or a drying tunnel.

Technical drawings