UNI-LEVEL 6 - tray dryer

  • It is a tray dryer that features relatively high capacity and is extremely simple in operation;
  • The tray dryer is adapted for drying various elements such as furniture fronts, doors, furniture elements and plastic elements;
  • Its compact construction along with accessories and equipment minimize amount of space needed for its installation and current operations;
  • A working space between the trays to load work-pieces up to 80 mm high and one 120 mm high working space allows drying large-dimension elements;
  • The dryer temperature is controlled to obtain its optimal operation, quality, and drying results;
  • Measurement of dryer air humidity helps obtain best drying results;
  • Each of the dryer trays is equipped with its own damper closing or opening to let the air flow to a specific tray;
  • Smooth belt conveyors are located on separate trays;
  • Smooth belt conveyors are located on loading and unloading side of the dryer;
  • Service and inspection doors enable service work and technical inspections;
  • Dryer casing is made of sandwich slab.

Number of trays:6 pcs
Tray length:6.900 mm
Conveyor width:1.350 mm
Maximum component height:80 mm (for 5 trays) / 120 mm (for 1 tray)
Duct fan capacity:9.000 m3/h
Air exchange zone volume:up to 2.500 m3/h
Service and inspection doors:2 pcs
  • The dryer itself is controlled from operator's panel on the painting machine or through its own panel (if the dryer operates as a separate unit);
  • Operator's touch screen ensures quick, simple and intuitive operations (if the dryer operates as a separate unit);
  • Size of the operator's panel screen allows to view all necessary information and parameters related to the dryer operations;
  • Operator's panel is located optimally towards the loading and unloading zone; its purpose is to monitor drying operations;
  • 1 to 6 trays may be applied to set the dryer operations;
  • Step-less adjustment of drying time is available from the operator's panel;
  • Smooth adjustment of conveyor speed may be carried out from the operator's panel;
  • Option to obtain statistics e.g. tray load and other dryer parameters is available;
  • Any number of work-pieces may be placed on the conveyor;
  • Previously defined drying parameters may be saved and then selected;
  • PLC ensures efficient and trouble-free operations;
  • Its operations do not require technical expertise in drying and/or programming;
  • Optimal number of staff depending on intensity of the dryer's operations (1-2 persons) significantly reduces employment costs;
  • Online service is available once the dryer has been connected to the Internet.
  • Air heater with power selected according to parameters of hot supply water as well as temperature and drying process parameters (max. up to 75 kW) is available;
  • The heater itself is supplied with a heating medium most often from the central heating system within a plant;
  • Detailed parameters of the heater are determined and selected depending on plant's capacity and available facilities;
  • Air controlled and forced circulation inside the dryer beneficially contributes to quality of drying;
  • Variable-capacity main duct fan that forces air circulation within the dryer is controlled from the operator's touch panel;
  • Variable-capacity main duct fan for air exchange is adjusted from the operator's touch panel;
  • Most of the air in the dryer circulates within a closed circuit;
  • Feed air (supply air) is supplemented from the plant hall;
  • Incorrectly rated air is automatically routed to external air ducts within the plant;
  • Option to set paint flow time within the dryer excluding the blow-in to ensure proper temperature by a specific component is available.
  • The electrical distribution board along with a control cabinet is located next to the dryer and can be placed in the most convenient location from the point of view of operations;
  • Space around the dryer working area is optimised;
  • Risk of mechanical damage to the electrical and control systems is minimised by the dryer operator.
  • The dryer may be equipped with 5.500 mm or 5.900 mm long trays;
  • Air humidity control is available in the dryer along with a humidifying system;
  • Air dehumidification system can be installed.
  • A control panel and a control cabinet on the left or right side of the dryer may be installed;
  • The dryer can be tied-in within a line behind painting machines or as a separate unit.

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