• Its turntable increases efficiency of operations by shortening loading and unloading times of workpieces;
  • The upender allows the door leaf to be painted on both sides during a single loading of the painting machine;
  • Aperture stop automatically closes and opens when the operating mode is activated to ensure maximum cleanliness in the lacquering area.

Preferred for the industry:

Electrical connection
[D x S x H]:
3 x 400 VAC / 50 Hz
Supply power14,5 kW
Supply fan power2 x 0,75 kW
Max. supply fan capacity11.800 m³/h
Exhaust fan power3 kW
Max. extraction fan capacity10.000 m³/h
Compressed air pressure6 bar
Compressed air consumption100 l/min (excluding paint spray guns)
Weight4.760 kg
Maximum dimensions of coated elements
[L x W x H]
2.500 x 1.100 x 150 mm
Weight of coated elementsup to 100 kg
Approximate painting time of working area
(depending on preset painting parameters)
1,5 - 3 min
Loading time of elements into the working area10 s (turntable rotation time)
  • Previously specifically defined varnishing programmes may be saved and then selected for various patterns of door leaf;
  • Edges of the doors may be painted once or several times; surfaces may be cross-varnished to obtain the best results;
  • Preferred number of operators shall be 2 persons (operator and assistant).
  • The control panel is installed on the left or right side of the paint machine;
  • Number of paint circuits for painting short and long batches is configurable;
  • It may be installed in the existing painting booth;
  • The exhaust fan may be located in various positions depending on the amount of space available to the painting machine.

Technical drawings